Namrataa Kripallani, an adept in MahaVastu practices is renowned for her expertise as a Vastukar. She excels in addressing Vastu doshas through the medium of spiritual art and paintings. In this context, Kripallani offers insights into some of the most sought-after Vastu paintings to embellish your home or workplace, infusing an ambiance of prosperity and opulence.

7 Horses Painting:

Depicting the powerful symbolism of strength, prosperity, progress, and success, the 7 Horses Vastu paintings hold a significant place within Vastu Shastra. These representations are closely associated with the seven chakras that encompass an individual’s aura. The artwork’s purpose extends to fostering equilibrium and unity across all facets of life.

The composition typically showcases a group of white horses in motion, set against serene blue skies and the backdrop of flowing water. For optimal results, this painting should be placed exclusively in the north-western direction. Such positioning is believed to draw in luck and abundance, creating an environment conducive to prosperity.

Waterfall Paintings:

Eager to enhance your life and embark on a fresh beginning? Consider adorning your living or workspace with a waterfall painting, as it holds the potential to uplift your surroundings. For optimal effects, opt to hang the painting in either the northern, eastern, or north-eastern sections of your space.

However, navigating the realm of water-themed art requires prudence. When selecting a waterfall painting, aim for depictions that evoke feelings of serenity and delight. It’s advisable to steer clear of artworks portraying dark and profound waterfalls, as they might evoke melancholy, cautions the Mahavastukar.

Mountain Paintings:

Mountain paintings encapsulate the steadfast essence of solid ground, symbolizing strength and security. Such artwork is believed to instill a profound sense of stability and assurance in those who possess it. Strategic placement plays a pivotal role in amplifying these effects.

When considering rocky and brown mountain paintings, the southwestern direction emerges as the prime choice. 

On the other hand, if the mountain painting features vibrant greens and includes depictions of water elements like waterfalls or other forms of water, a different placement strategy applies. In this scenario, the north-eastern direction is a harmonious choice, invoking a serene atmosphere.

Alternatively, positioning the painting in the eastern section of the house can enhance social connections and interactions.

Floral Paintings:

Embrace the vibrant charm of floral paintings to infuse your living space with joy and happiness. A particularly favored Vastu remedy involves hanging a painting featuring multicolored flowers arranged in a blue vase, strategically positioned in the eastern section of your space. This thoughtful placement is known to usher in positive energies that contribute to an atmosphere of delight and contentment.

To maximize the impact, consider placing floral paintings on walls that align with the north, east, or northeast directions. These orientations are believed to be in harmony with auspicious energies, enhancing the uplifting effect of the artwork.

The Tree of Life:

The concept of the Tree of Life is interwoven across various religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. In Hinduism, it takes the form of the “Kalpavriksha,” a tree renowned for fulfilling wishes. To harness its symbolic energies, strategic placement plays a crucial role.

Placing it in the west aligns with the direction associated with manifestation. This positioning choice is rooted in the idea of manifesting your desires and aspirations. Additionally, as a form of desk art, the Tree of Life can find a meaningful place on your office table. This placement is believed to support the accomplishment of your goals with greater ease.


Kamdhenu, often referred to as India’s sacred cow, holds a significant place in Vastu principles, particularly in terms of wish fulfillment.

The optimal directions for positioning a Kamadhenu painting include the northeast, east-of-north-east (ENE), or east-of-south-east (ESE) zones. This choice is designed to infuse your home with a sense of tranquility and pave the way for growth and prosperity in your life journey.

Kamdhenu’s association with wish fulfillment is a key aspect of Vastu Shastra. It is believed that the presence of Kamdhenu can help eliminate hurdles and obstacles from your path. For an ideal display spot, consider hanging the painting in the east or southeast direction, aligning with its energies of blessings and fulfillment.

A Portrait Of Goddess Saraswati:

Introducing a portrait of Goddess Saraswati, the revered Hindu goddess of knowledge, into our modern age carries significant relevance, especially within a generation characterized by attention deficits.

Goddess Saraswati’s presence is believed to offer a potential solution for enhancing focus, particularly in the face of constant screen time challenges.

The strategic placement of a Goddess Saraswati portrait holds key importance. Ideal locations include the west-of-south-west (WSW) or potentially the north-eastern direction. Both of these placements are aligned with harnessing her energies to promote concentration and learning.

Namrataa Kripallani emphasizes that the influence of Goddess Saraswati extends beyond mere attention focus. She is regarded as a source of acumen and mastery across various skill pursuits.

With all Namrate Kripallani’s knowledge accumulated and presented here, we now know about the Art that invigorates the ambiance. Probably it’s an indication for us to put this knowledge into practice. 

A Portrait Of Goddess Saraswati

A Portrait Of Goddess Saraswati

Mountain Painting

Mountain Painting

Floral Painting

Floral Painting

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Last modified: September 27, 2023

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